Connexus Industries has decades of experience providing top-quality chains, lasers, conveyors, metal detectors, and more to multiple industries.

Building on the expertise and reputation of valued brands such as Viking Chains Inc, I’Anco Products and Our expertise, our range of products, and our deep technical know-how mean we can design a solution for the most challenging environments across a wide range of applications. Our solid track record of reliable service ensures we are a supplier you can depend on. 

Our chains and conveyors offer dependable, long-lasting operation for use in the harsh environment of aggregate production. Designed to withstand extreme shock, dust, and heat, we can supply components for every part of the process.  All our products are designed under our ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

Connexus can supply chains for many applications in the agricultural industry.  We provide a range of roller chain, grain handling chain, rock picker chains, sugar mill chains, dairy chains, cotton module chains, corn chain and more. We can also supply attachments specific to your needs. All our chains are designed for maximum service life in the arduous conditions experienced in farming operations.

To withstand the heat, near continuous operation, and the abrasiveness of materials, chains used in asphalt production and road paving need to be some of the most durable in the world. We’ve ensured that the material selection, manufacturing tolerances, and controlled heat treating are of the highest quality and specifications. You can trust Connexus’ range of apron conveyor, engineering class drive chains, bucket elevator chains and more. 

It is critical for automotive assembly lines to keep operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With our commitment to quality, backed by our ISO 9001:2015 certification, we can produce to the highest specifications the overhead and floor conveyor chains needed to keep operations humming.

Stainless steel and non-metallic tabletop chains transport goods through bulk warehousing and bottling plants through continuous operations. Diverse operating conditions, including steamy environments, require the full strength of carbon steel chains with corrosion resistant coatings. Connexus makes chains with corrosion resistant coatings that meets the needs of these applications.

Cement production is one of the most demanding of applications for chains. The heat, the dust, the weight, the need to transport materials vertically; it all adds up to a tough challenge. Connexus has spent decades producing and perfecting chains and conveyors that can withstand the rigors of this environment. Every element, down to the ins and bushings, are manufactured and treated to ensure a long-lasting product engineered to your specification.

Designed to withstand extreme shock, dust, and heat, we can supply components for every part of the process. Connexus produces heavy duty steel bushed drive chains with stainless steel cotters, and custom chains for automatic trenching from alloy steel with time-tested heat-treating processes. The right material and heat treating are critical for long life in this tough environment. All our products are designed under our ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.

Whether a power generation facility is fueled by traditional coal or newer biomass, the requirement to bring in fuel, spin a turbine, and transport ash out remains constant. Our drag chain, conveyors, and power transmission chains can be specified for the unique energy production environment. Our commitment to quality in design, material selection, and manufacturing means our chains will ensure maximum uptime.

We supply stainless steel, metallic and non-metallic chains for use in food production and processing. The are manufactured to be corrosion resistant and food safe. Whether the need is to transport raw goods through the harvesting and sorting process, or the finished goods after packing, our chains are designed for long life and minimal maintenance in both wet and dry environments.

Connexus provides products for every facet of the sawmill and lumber production industry. Our products include metal detectors used before logs enter the mill, through to lasers to help guide precision band saw cutting, and all the chains and conveyors in between to sort, prepare, and move material around the mill. We have deep experience customizing innovative solutions for every stage of wood products manufacturing.

Since the 1940s, Connexus has been developing and producing conveyor components for severe service applications such as pulp and paper manufacturing, and the power generation, cement production and mining industries. Our extensive knowledge of materials, heat treating, and quality manufacturing process enables us to provide the best product for your application. Our experienced engineering staff combined with our production team work together to deliver a solution that will outperform your expectations.

When you need to lift thousands of pounds, you need a dependable chain for safety and smooth operation. Requirements for heavy-duty lifting capabilities can be in contained environments like warehousing or factories, cold storage, or in outdoor applications such as ports and shipyards. Connexus has experience engineering leaf chains for the most demanding environments to exact customer specifications.

Connexus Industries wide portfolio of chains, conveyors, buckets and other products means we can power the production line of almost any manufacturer. Our engineers can work with you on the unique specifications to achieve an efficient and profitable process that can withstand the rigors of 24/7 continuous operations, even in hot, corrosive, or wet conditions.

Whether working above or below the surface, chains used in mining need to be durable, shock resistant, and able to move heavy loads. Through our many decades of engineering and manufacturing experience we have developed a range of chains and conveyors that perform in the field.

Unscheduled downtime can be catastrophic for a pulp and paper mill’s profits. You need chains to power your process that can be relied on to perform continuously between scheduled shutdowns. We carry a range of chains and conveyors that can be produced to your unique specification. From welded steel chains, apron conveyors, or steel roller chains, we manufacture them all within our ISO 9001:2015 quality management plan for performance and reliability.

Based on our extensive past experiences and in cooperation with major sugar producers in South America, we have developed chains with the highest performance, strength, and longevity in the most severe applications in sugar mills. Through the selection of the highest quality materials, optimal heat treatment of components, and rigorous quality control procedures, you can rely on our chains through the entire sugar production process from cane feeding and washing to bagasse conveyor and beyond.