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with hundreds of years of industry experience rolled into one company,

Connexus is extremely diversified and poised to be the leader in all our fields.


Connexus Industries is a consolidation of four dynamic companies specializing in chain and industrial manufacturing solutions such as lasers, conveyors, elevators and metal detection.


Viking Chains Enviro Division a Division of Connexus Industries Inc. is a leading manufacturer of Chain and Flight Sludge Collectors for Rectangular Clarifier Tanks and Grit Collectors.


The endless push to raise sawmill productivity constantly demands higher speed, greater accuracy and less waste. SUMMIT Sharp Top Chains/VIKING Sharp Top Chains can play a role in your mill’s profitability by performing better and lasting longer. NOW ALL OF OUR SHARP TOP CHAINS HAVE CHROME HARDENED PINS. THIS WILL REDUCE CORROSION PITTING AND PREMATURE WEAR.


Connexus Industries’ conveyor division specializes in the design and manufacture of custom conveyors for bulk material handling applications. Our experience ranges from bulk log handling to raw mineral pan conveyors to sealed conveyors for fine ash and cement.


Connexus Industries is providing High Speed Super Capacity Bucket Elevators, Chain, Sprockets and Toothless Traction Wheels industry wide. Heavy Duty Bucket Elevator Chain with Sealed component proved long life in arduous applications.

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Connexus Industries is a true pioneer in the development of laser guideline manufacturing in North America. Dedication to quality and customer service has enabled us to maintain our position as one of the leaders in this industry.


Whether your application requires detecting a nail in a whole log or a needle in a stack of denim, Rens-Metal Shark has the Metal Detector to handle your requirements. Manufacturing the most technologically advanced metal detectors on the market is our specialty.


Connexus Industries is a consolidation of four dynamic companies. With expertise in Chain and Industrial Manufacturing Solutions, such as Lasers and Metal Detection Connexus has over 150 years of combined industry experience.

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