Lacey Harmer Company, established in 1940, was purchased in 1979 by HRC, then fully purchased by Sam and Judy Cope in 1981.

Lacey Harmer Company which was established in 1940, was purchased in 1979 by HRC (a small company formed to purchase) then in 1981 was fully purchased by Sam and Judy Cope.

The roots were as an exclusive marketing company for Laser Blazer, and then produced their own line of lasers branded LAHARCO. Over the following years a number of smaller laser companies were acquired by Lacey Harmer.

In the early 1980’s “SUMMIT” Sharp Top chains were designed, working closely with a tier one manufacturer in Japan and a local OEM Sharp Top Chain was born. This product line is now a staple in the forest industry worldwide.

In 2003 RENS Metal Detector company was purchased and added to the product mix. In 2013 Lacey Harmer was purchased by Canerector Inc. and became Connexus Industries Inc.

Viking Chains Inc.

Viking Chains Inc. was founded in 1994 by Cliff Lane and 2 other business partners and operations began from a small office on Annacis Island in Delta, B.C.  Soon after the company expanded to a manufacturing facility in an industrial park in Delta B.C. The Viking name came from the company’s early roots distributing Swedish chain in North America. Expansion into Quebec City and Marietta, Georgia happened in 1997. In early 2000 acreage was purchased in Acworth Georgia approximately 45 minutes north of Atlanta and soon after a 15,000 sq ft plant was completed. While market presence grew further expansion to Vancouver, Washington happened in 2005. Continued growth had Viking Chain and Viking Chains Enviro division expand to international markets in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and all of Latin America. In 2013 Viking Chains ownership sold the business to Canerector Inc. and in 2014 the name was changed to Connexus Industries with the merger of the 3 other companies.

I’Anco Products

I’Anco Products was established in the early 1960’s.  I’Anco Products was originally called A1 Steel Foundry, located in Vancouver, B.C. The company was purchased by Highland Foundry in the early 1990’s and moved to Surrey to become Highland’s child company, manufacturing and supplying cast products to the pulp and paper, mining, and cement industries using Highland and some overseas foundries to provide the castings. I’Anco was a full fabrication shop during this time. The primary product lines were all cast products, including marine parts like anchors, logging and rigging parts, cast chains, sprockets, de-barker chains. In 2011 Highland foundry was acquired by Canerector Inc. Shortly thereafter when Viking Chains was acquired, both I’Anco and Viking Chains merged becoming the early beginnings of today’s Connexus Industries.

Tectronix Systems Inc. Metal Shark

Tectronix Systems Inc. Metal Shark, founded by Greg Balmer Tectronix, began manufacturing and selling metal detection equipment in 1993, and slowly evolved into a leading supplier, servicing all aspects of the Forestry Industry, from raw materials to finished products. The uniqueness of the Metal Shark electronics set them apart from all other manufacturers of metal detection equipment. In 2005 Tectronix moved to larger facilities in Surrey, B.C. Canada. In 2015 Tectronix was acquired by Canerector and added to the Connexus group of companies. Since then, Connexus has merged Rens-Metal Shark adding the best of all worlds in metal detection.