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The RENS – Metal Shark 2A controller's improved performance results from our exclusive Four-Quadrant technology allows for a 360-degree freestyle teach area around the product effect, significantly increasing sensitivity.

AUTO BALANCE: The electronics adapt automatically and perpetually to the current environmental and operating conditions. Such things as micro-component aging and temperature influences have an effect on analogue systems. The RENS - Metal Shark system compensates for these things automatically.

AUTO INTERFACE SUPPRESSION: ‘Noise Suppression’ as it is commonly called. The electronics have a multi-function filter system that combines a highly selective digital filter and a dynamically operating threshold filter. This combination achieves outstanding sensitivity characteristics even in unusually rough environments, problem free and with superior reliability. Outside interference such as Variable Frequency Drives and two-way radios are easily filtered, avoiding false or nuisance trips.

SELF DIAGNOSING: The fully automatic system self diagnoses continuously and reports any malfunction.